Table of Contents

Chapter 1. What is a traffic bot ?

A traffic bot is a software (web app or desktop app) that can generate artificial traffic, visitors to a website.

The visits generated by a traffic bot are not created by a human, the traffic bot is more like a robot that uses proxies /IPs to artificially create fake visitors on a website.

Chapter 2. Why people use traffic bot ?

There a different purposes of using traffic bots :
1- Increase your Alexa Rank.
2- Boost your CTR.
3- Pretend to have a lot of visitors, a big audience to sell some blog posts for example.
4- Quickly boost the stats of your site before selling it.
6- Get notorious.
7- Test the number of visits that your hosting can stand.
8- Imprese your friends
9- Good for SEO
10- Get ranked higher on google / ebay / amazon / fiverr and other market-places

Is it possible to use traffic bot from a specific country ?

Yes it is !
You can use traffic bot everywhere in the word.
The countries that are using the most traffic bot softwares are :
– India
– France
– America (USA)
– Canada
– Brazil
– Pakistan
– China
– Bangladesh
– UK

With some traffic bot generators you can even send targetted visitors.
That means that you can easily send traffic only from a specific country.
Ex : you can generate some fake traffic only from india if you want.

Chapter 3. How traffic bot generator is working ?

A traffic bot generator is make in general by some developers that code it.It takes years to create a bot like this. The traffic bot is generating visits by using some proxies, IPs and the robot will automatically visit your website and load again and again by using everytime a different IP. That’s how itcan make fake visitors, by basically rotating IPs between each page’s login attempts.

Chapter 4. What is the best traffic bot ?

There are many different kinds of traffic bot on the market. Some are desktop app and in general you need to by proxies beside. It’s generally not inclued. And sometimes the code of these desktop traffic bot are no longer keeped clean. Or not working on some OS.

The best is to use a Web app traffic bot. It is working on all kind of browsers, and OS. To define after that which is the best traffic bot you should consider about the features.

A traffic bot is an automated software that will as mentioned in his name, generates traffic.

But deliver traffic to what? Website for sure!

The traffic bots are designed and developed to generate traffic on any website.

We will talk about all the possibilities that we can do with this can of traffic generator.

You can find different kinds for different uses…

In this ultimate guide, we will see the different tutorials to make, set up, find the perfect traffic bot.

We will talk all long to break down this topic and I promise these softwares will not have any secrets for you anymore

Chapter 5. Traffic bot: All you need to know

I want to share with you all my knowledge about the science of artificial traffic generation.

You need to know a lot of things but don’t worry today we will break down all the secrets about these tools.

Break down traffic bot secrets

Section 1. Definition

A traffic bot is a tool, software.

It can be desktop software or a web app.

It means for the web app that the bots are usable online, on a website.

You don’t need to download anything with the web app version.

And the bot for desktop must be downloaded and install on your computer.

The use of this tool is to create, generate visits on a website or a blog.

Section 2. How to know the number of visits your website is getting?

It’s very important to be able to track and know the number of visits that your website is getting every day, every month, etc…

The well-known tool that allows you to do this is Google analytics.

What is google analytics

This tool developed by Google was made to know a lot of important metrics related to your website traffic.

These are the main core features of GA :

  • Discover how many visitors you get per day, weeks or month
  • Know the country where your visitors come from
  • Know what time during the day your visitors come the most
  • Discover the source of the traffic (social, organic, referral)
  • Discover your bounce rate or your returning visitors rate

And much more…

If you don’t know how to install Google analytics check this tutorial :

It’s a simple tutorial to help you set up Google Analytics for your website

Ok now you know to check how many visits your website is getting every day so now we need to how does the traffic bot generates visits to your website.

Section 3. How can traffic bot generate visits?

Before diving into this concept you need to understand one thing :

What are the visits to your website?

A visit is when a single person comes on your website one time.

Actually, to make it simple every computer has an address that is called IP

To get one unique visit you basically need to have one IP that comes on your website.

one unique visit = one IP address.

I hope this concept is now clear to you.

I really try to make it as simple as possible for everyone to understand the bases of the technology behind this.

If you want to know more about IP check this awesome post :

Now we can start to dig into the next concept, how can the traffic bot make the visit?

1) First solution: The web traffic farm

A traffic farm is a company where you can buy website traffic.

They make their traffic by having tons of computers and cell-phones (each device has one single IP).

Each device goes to visit your website, each device has one single IP, so each device brings you one visit to your website.

Imagine you want one million visits to your site!

So you will need to have one million devices.

Here comes the limit of the first solution…

2) Second solution: Using Tor to generate traffic

make a tor automated bot

Some traffic bots were using Tor to create some “fake visits”

Tor is basically a browser that allows you to change hide and change your IP as much as you want. It is used to go on the darknet and to be anonymous on the web anyway this is not the main core of the topic, if you want to know more about Tor check this out :

But you know for a few years there is a problem with this solution…

Google can notice that you are using the Tor browser and you might have your website get blacklisted.

So now you understand that this solution is not a good idea…

3) Make a fake traffic generator with a VPN

I will explain to you how to make a fake traffic bot, and why it is not a good idea:

  1. Go on a VPN provider website like NordVPN or Hidemyass
  2. Buy a VPN plan
  3. Active your VPN and go on your website URL
  4. Change the location on your VPN
  5. Reload your website window
use vpn to make a bot

By doing this, ok you are changing your IP, but here is the limit…

Every time that you need a new fake visit you will have to change your location and reload, this is very boring.

The second limit is that every time you are still on the same device, and on the same web browser. So you are noticed by Google that obviously knows that it’s a fake visit.

So sadly once again that’s not a smart idea.

Now we will need to try to make a traffic bot by ourselves to find out how the traffic companies are really doing and see if this can be THE solution!

Section 4. How to make a traffic bot?

code a bot with python

A traffic bot is basically a software that was designed by some developers. To dive into this amazing word and understand how were the bots made, you will need to know how to code!

Some basics knowledge of coding is required…

We notice that the developers make these kinds of bots by coding, python, ruby, PHP, javascript, etc…

Ok, I appreciate your advice, I don’t really know how to code, so what’s next?

1) Step 1: The right IPs

You need to be able to generate visits to your website, so we need to play with IPs!

But not shitty kind of IPs like we saw before… residential IPs 🙂

A residential IP is very high-quality IP address that has the same properties as the IP of the internet box of your home.

The residential IPs will help you to make your traffic bot generates real visits like when a normal user uses his computer to search for something on your website.

Amazing right… Did you get it?

residential IPs = unique visits = best traffic bot.

Now you have your IPs that’s fine, let’s keep moving…

With one or two IPs you will not go far in your traffic generation!

You will need tons of IPs because each unique visits that you make with your traffic bot required a fresh IP.

Let’s say you want 10K unique visits, so you need 10k unique IPs… Is it still clear?

Here comes the first problem: the price!

If you want to buy some good IPs the cost can be for 1$ to 10$ so that is not really cheap if you need millions of visitors right? 

If you want to check the price for the IPs, take a look at this website :

2) Step 2: How to code the bot

Ok, so where is our traffic bot? 

Wait, I haven’t finished! 

Now you need to tell your software what to do with your residential IPs :

You need to tell the bot the URL of your website.

Also, the bot needs to know how many visits do you want… from where the IPs are from… and what is the length of the visits, etc.

How and wait, every time the bot will have to change to IP automatically, if not you will have to do it by yourself…

Oh and hold on, you also have to make the bot change the browser every time and use the correct language to target the visits with the location and with the good geotargeting…

Sorry for the headache.

I also went crazy when I have to make it, I hired some great developers but they all give up and swear at me.

Seriously If you don’t want to waste your time your nights and your money, forget about this idea that’s too difficult.

Hard to tell you more about that. You now understand that is very difficult to make a traffic bot.

For different reasons :

– the price, very expensive

– the knowledge in code

– the time to develop

Chapter 6. Why should you buy website traffic?

If you are a website or blog owner, two different methods are available for you to get the traffic that you want.

First method is to boost your visibility on search engines and drive organic traffic. Or else, you can think about buying traffic to send your website.

Both these methods have pros and cons.

From this article, we will share details about all the good reasons that are available for you to go ahead and buy website traffic.

Section 1. You can get a head-start

Once you launch a new website, you will not be able to get that indexed on the top placements of search engines and receive organic traffic.

This is where you need to think about getting paid traffic. It can provide you with the head-start, which is needed to end up with excellent results. 

It is important for you to give a solid foundation to your website during the launch. That’s why you need to think about getting at least 1,000 visitors to the website per week via paid traffic sources. Along with that, you will be able to make your website popular.

Then more and more people will get to know about your business and what you offer.

Section 2. It can create a positive impact on the analytics of your website 

Buying website traffic has the ability to create a positive impact on your website analytics as well. This will be determined by the leading search engines such as Google at the time of ensuring your rankings.

In other words, paid traffic can eventually help you to increase your chances of securing positive results on search engine results pages.

Therefore, you can think about calling it as one of the best investments that you can do towards the future as well.

Section 3. You can easily buy website traffic

In today’s world, you don’t have to struggle too much to get traffic that you need for the website.

You can easily purchase website traffic that you need.

A large number of websites are available for you to provide you with real and targeted traffic. It will only take a relatively short time period for you to locate a reputed service provider.

Along with that, you will be able to determine the number of visitors that are needed as well.

Section 4. You can determine the length of the campaign and how much traffic you need

The service providers who offer real traffic to websites are flexible with what they deliver.

Due to the same reason, you will be able to determine the length of the campaign and how much traffic you need. 

For example, if you only want to receive traffic for just one month, you have the freedom to go ahead and request it.

Then appropriate measures will be taken to provide you with traffic for one month.

Likewise, you can also determine the number of visitors that you are expecting to come to your website on a daily basis, weekly basis or a monthly basis.

Section 5. You can determine the geographical location of your traffic 

If your business is catering only to people who live within a specific geographical region, you need to make sure that you are getting traffic only from people who belong to that area.

Otherwise, you will be getting irrelevant traffic, who are not in a position to create any major impact on your business. You will only be wasting your money in such a situation.

In order to make sure that you don’t come across such a situation, you are provided with the chance to determine the geographical location of your traffic as well.

This can deliver excellent results to you at the end of the day. You can get the most for the amount of money that you are spending to buy traffic as well.

Section 6. You can monitor the campaigns on your traffic bot

Once you start getting traffic to the website, you will be provided with the chance to monitor the campaigns as well.

In other words, the service provider will ensure transparency in the service that is offered.

This can help you to see how you are getting results for the money you spend along with time. This can keep you away from frustrations.

Section 7. You can boost your revenue

Buying traffic from a reputed service can help you to boost your revenue as well. That’s because you will be provided with targeted traffic from real and active people.

These people have the interest to go ahead and contribute towards the success of your website.

The revenue you can generate out of your business depends on a few different factors.

The popularity of your website holds a prominent place out of them. When more people are coming to your website, you have the ability to make your products or services visible to more people.

This can increase your chances of getting more individuals to purchase what you offer as well.

Therefore, you will even be able to cover up the amount that you are spending to buy traffic after a short period of time.

That’s where you will be able to experience the return out of your investment.

Section 8. You can reduce the workload

After developing a website for the business, you will have to work hard to make it popular and bring in traffic.

When you start buying traffic, you will be provided with the chance to overcome most of the manual work that you have to do.

Therefore, you will be provided with the opportunity to make your life easy while managing the website.

You will be able to bring in lots of people to visit your website and they will help you with enhancing the popularity of your brand and increasing the volume of sales that you can make.

As a result, you can get rid of the work that you do manually to ensure these things taking place on the website. Hence, you can make your life a lot easy. 

Chapter 7. How can traffic bot increase your visibility?

That’s easy to understand, this tool will bring more visitors to your website so google will definitely rank you hire because he will see that your post is getting a lot of visitors that seems to be interested in your content.

Google cares about the behavior and what the visitors are doing on your blog/site.

If the visitors stay a long time on each page and visits differents sections and post of your website, scroll and check carefully it means that your content must be interesting right?

So the thing that you have to do is to set up your bot like this :

  • Long visits like 5 min per pages
  • Send visits on more than 3 pages of your website
  • Visits that scroll up and down your website
  • Set returning visitors (visitors that come back again on your site)

Chapter 8. Buy website traffic in India

india flag

You are living in India or maybe you have an Indian company.

So your target customers must definitely be living in India.

I guess that you need to improve your SEO ranking, your visibility to get more and more Indian customers on your website.

That’s normal.

So how can you do that? 

You must buy website traffic from India, the thing important that you must remember is that :

To improve your visibility and be safe all you need to have is real visitors from the country that you target.

The solution is to use software that generates visits to your website.

Chapter 9. Buy USA website traffic 

USA flag

Not yet living the American dream?

Your website is not getting enough traffic and you are struggling to outrank your competitors…

That’s ok, I can help you to have improved your website ranking for your USA local business or your e-commerce store.

The first thing that you need to understand is: Where are my customers located?

Your website will get more and more traffic after that and you will get ranked higher in the next few days.

Don’t thank me haha 😉

Chapter 10. BUY website traffic from Brazil

You are running a business in Brazil, all you need to have are Brazilians customers isn’t it ?

Here are few steps that you should follow to increase your visibility and get more visitors on your site :

That’s all, now you can check and track your visits on your google analytics 🙂

Chapter 11. How to get free website traffic?

As I mentioned before develop your own traffic bot seems to be very very expensive.

The other ways to get traffic on your website are :

Section 1. Buying traffic through ADS 

For example, you get to buy some Facebook ads but once again it is very costly and we want free website traffic !

Section 2. Create a blog

All is in the title, you make a WordPress website, then you write good amazing content etc…  but that’s very long and unless you are an SEO expert you will never get any traffic to your site 🙁

Section 3.  Create a youtube channel

You need to have a good camera, micro, etc… create amazing videos takes time and it’s an investment for buying the materials to record.

Like this, you can generate visits for free and in less than 5 minutes you will start to have your visitors.

It’s free, fast to do and you don’t need to download any software.

Chapter 12. Make money with Adfly bot

What is Adfly?

Adfly is a website where you can shorten your URL and make some money every time that someone click on your link because Adfly will display some ads.

For around 1000 clicks on your Adfly link you will get something like maybe 2$ or 3$.

Not a lot, but still not bad !

Imagine that you can get 1,000,000 of clicks per pay, that means you will earn 2000$ to 3000$ per day. ( around 75K $ / month in your pocket) 

I wonder why but now you start to be interested in what i’m saying right ?

So hang on

Traffic bots can allow you to send traffic to your Adfly link, so this is really an amazing Money Machine.

But hold on ! I see that you’re already imagining yourself on a tropical beach with some palm trees and pina colada stuff…

But sadly that’s illegal and this is called click fraud. 🙁

If you want to learn more about this topic, this article can help you:

Chapter 13. Why should you opt for Safe Google Web Traffic?

If you are a website marketer and thinking about buying traffic then have you considered purchasing safe Web traffic? If you are wondering what we are talking about then you may not be aware about Web yet.

Web is a tool/platform that allows users to get advertising space online. It helps generate money online and is indeed the favorite among web marketers. Web is the advertisement that circulates around various websites. The ad is managed by Google. 

There is a lot been discussed and talked about circulating the traffic that is no very Web-friendly. Some also add that cheap web traffic is not at all Web-friendly. The argument continues and the next question that many people ask is why I should buy Web Safe Traffic bot that is also safe for Web ads.

Section 1. Significance of Web for advertising 

Do you need pay special attention to get traffic that is free of Web threat?  The answer is that many website owners do not have the idea about how crucial is Web when it comes to advertising.

Some are not aware of the fact that the traffic they are getting to their websites is directly influencing the Web ads. This is the reason many website owners end up losing their accounts as they get banned without their knowledge as to why it happened.

Thus it is quite essential to ensure that the traffic coming to your website is Web safe. This is also important because of the following reasons.

Section 2. Web equals to Google

If you ignore Web, it will directly affect the ranking of your website. That is something that you may not be aware of.

Web is quite strict for traffic bot

One single crack in your traffic can have an adverse effect on your traffic and Web will straight away ban your site, but for good. It is not easy to get back from the ban.

Section 3. Web traffic bot can generate sales as well as ruin sales

The web is a perfect tool to generate sales as well as for conversions and you do not ignore or spoil it when you purchase traffic to your website which is not Web-friendly.

Remember, before you purchase traffic for your website, check for signs that state they are “Web-safe”.

Section 4. The traffic should be delivered from a genuine source

Sources for second rate traffic should be neglected for the second time as the Web is quite strict when traffic sources are considered. If you are willing to try traffic campaigns, check with your automated traffic bot supplier, whether he is providing sources that have genuine and premium viewers.

Section 5. Traffic bot needs to be real humans

That is a must! If you are planning to purchase traffic for your website, make sure the traffic is human Traffic Web Safe, to ensure that the traffic comprises of real human that helps you produce a real click, real hits, and real views.

The web is quite sensitive to bot traffic and thus there are high chances for your website to get banned. The web loves real traffic coming from real humans.

Section 6. Do not fall in prey for Ultra cheap Web traffic

There are tons of companies as well as individuals that offer loads of traffic at a cheaper price. They may also guarantee that the traffic they offer is Web-friendly. The problem arises when you do not get enough traffic as they use software to generate traffic for your website. This software generating software generates bad traffic. It doesn’t result in ad clicks or generates revenues for your business. 

Google is smart enough to figure out that your traffic is being generated by software such as an automated traffic bot, which is not a genuine source. You make start making a few bucks or may sustain for a few months till you get detected and banned. But, you will have no option to overcome this situation as you have purchased bad traffic for a few pennies. Finally, your account will be suspended for not abiding the rules of Google Web.

Section 7. Purchase legitimate Traffic 

Well, Google doesn’t actually punish you for buying traffic from other sources provided the sources are legitimate. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about what you are getting out of traffic bot. PPC is the main source of purchasing legitimate traffic. There are a couple of other professional services and ad exchanges available that offer 100%  legitimate traffic and guaranteed Web clicks to increase the ranking of your site and generate revenue for your business.

The idea is getting real traffic from real people. You are paying people to visit your website. It doesn’t matter if you pay people you meet on the street or visit Facebook and pay for ad space.

Robotic traffic is bad and low-quality traffic so try to avoid buying bad traffic.

Section 8. Increase CTR with traffic click bot

CTR is click-through rate or simply click traffic for Web, which is a formula that between clicks and impressions. It is necessary for you to completely understand how it works to gain online success. In simple words, CTR is basically the number of times your advertisement is clicked divided by the views you get for the ad or page. It is the ratio between the number of clicks and pageviews on a particular advertisement.

If your blog doesn’t have outbound links except for Web ads, then there are higher chances of the visitors clicking on the specific links. There are many bloggers who are using this strategy to increase Web Revenue, so it is about understanding how CTR works.

There are a lot of ways you can adopt to increase the Web CTR like focussing on unique content, which is the most important part of SEO, understand the placement of advertisements on the blog, how to modify the ads and remove the ones that aren’t going to add any value and usage of relevant keywords is also important.

It is all about building a perfect SEO strategy that will help you gain more traffic to your website and in turn generate revenue for your blog or website. These small tips can be helpful in generating real traffic for your website.

Chapter 14.

Section 1. My SEO ranking after 6 months using a traffic bot

Many traffic bot automation softwares exist on the market, yet the number of reliable bot traffic can be counted on the fingers of one hand. 

There are several reasons why you would want to generate traffic to your website. 

The first one is to want to fake your analytics, and for that, you will need a reliable traffic generator, otherwise, you could have problems that may affect your Google ranking. So, you have to choose the best one! 

The second reason is wanting to improve your SEO. And for that, you have to be rigorous, and I found the best bot traffic for that. 

Indeed, when you generate traffic to your website, you improve the popularity and engagement of your site. And Google loves it! 

It’s a trick that must absolutely be integrated into your SEO strategy, and when I say “SEO strategy” I’m obviously talking about the On & Off-page. 

1) Part.2

You’ll understand that generating traffic to improve your SEO has no use if you don’t have a complete strategy. Just as it would be useless to hope to be on the first page of Google, with a website without content, but with good links. Or with bad links, with content … It makes sense! 

If you have a complete strategy, On and Off-page, and that you generate quality traffic, then all the ingredients are there to end up on the first page on Google!

I have done some tests myself before showing you this software, and here is the growth of my organic traffic over a long period of time! 

case study upseo search console

I ranked my site on 6 keywords on the first page of Google, with a total monthly search volume of 30,000.

Section 2. First step: Presentation of the software

The software I’m talking about is UpSEO, a traffic generator that has been around for several years, and that I would classify largely as TOP 1 of all that can be found at the moment. 

I’m speaking with full knowledge of the facts since I’ve tried them all! 

Let’s now move on to the presentations of the different offers: 

upseo pricing and plans

Several offers are available, however depending on your website, you will have to choose the right one, and I am here to advise you as much as possible and share my experience.

1) Which offers should I choose according to my current traffic? 

  • Entry package : 

If your website has between 0 and 20,000 visits per month

  • Advanced Package : 

If your website has between 20.000 and 60.000 visits per month

  • Business package : 

If your website has between 60.000 and 150.000 visits per month

  • Corporate package : 

If your website has between 150,000 and 500,000 visits per month. 

Section 3. Upseo’s Free trial

What I appreciate with UpSEO is mainly their customer service, but also the transparency concerning their tool. 

And yes, a free trial is available which will allow you to create your first project, but above all to try the software and take it in hand. 

In general, people using bot traffic can encounter many difficulties of all kinds when creating their project, so the free trial is a good way to be able to make your first mistakes and correct them thanks to the ultra-reactive customer support. 

To take advantage of the free trial, check:

Upseo register a free account page
  • Simply enter your e-mail address and the URL of your website. If you don’t have a website, enter the URL of your Amazon shop or eBay shop. 
  • You will receive your login details in your email inbox, and you will be able to log in to the dashboard.

Section 4. Step 2: Project bot settings and Awesome traffic features

Setting up your UpSEO project is very simple, however, it is important to care for the basics. 

If you are enjoying the free trial, once you are logged in to your account, click on “My projects” and then click on the “Free trial” project. 

In case your free trial has expired (after 24 hours), you will have to buy a credit allowing you to create a project for a period of 1 month. The credit is renewed automatically every month, unless you do not wish to continue, in which case you can cancel at any time, without any commitment.

To explain how to set up your project, we will take the case of a website before using UpSEO with the following characteristics:

– 700 visits per day on average

– Backlinks on the following sites: / 

– Positioned in 3rd page Google on keywords: Baby micro – Baby phone – Baby Call

– Visits all over Europe. Website in English. 

Page on social networks

– Instagram: 

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

1) A. Number of visits

My web site has 700 hits a day, so I’m going to double the traffic to 750 hits a day. That sounds like a lot, but it’s justifiable in terms of the traffic sources I’ve selected.

select your number of visits

indeed, if your site has 100 visits per day, and you pay an influencer to promote your website, then you will go from a single visit to 5000 visits per day. 

So, there is no risk for your SEO, on the contrary, the point here is to do it as smart as possible

2) B. Bounce rate

To put a consistent bounce rate, I’m going to research my competitor to find out his bounce rate and be able to position myself slightly below it. 

3) How to choose your bounce rate, step by step: 

1) Go to

2) Look up the statistics of your competitor, who is in the same industry as you, in the example, the competitor is

traffic overview on similarweb

3) I look at the bounce rate, and in my UpSEO project, I position myself 10% below it, so that my site has a consistent bounce, and shows real traction and commitment.  

screenshot bounce rate settings

Post Scriptum: The bounce rate is the number of visitors that will leave your website after the first page visited. To be clear, if the bounce rate is 40% then out of 100 visitors, 60 will visit the second page of your website. 

4) C. Returning visitors

It is difficult to estimate the rate of returning visitors, so I advise you to set it to 10%, this means that 10% of the visitors who visit your website will return to visit your site during the period of one month

screen shot that shows how to setup the returning visitors rate on upseo

5) D. URLs Path

In the URL path, you can determine the path your visitors will take on your website. The path is simply the pages the visitor will visit during his visit. 

Obviously, most often the page ranked and positioned on Google is your home page, so put the URL of your home page in first, then the second most important page, often the product page, then in 3rd step, add 3 links of the most sold products on your e-commerce site, the 3 most read articles on your blog.

Une image contenant capture d’écran

Description générée automatiquement

From the 3rd step URL(s) the visitor will choose one of the 3 links you have filled out in this field. 

Depending on your subscription plan, the number of URLs to add is limited. 

Here is a reminder: 

  • Entry: 3 URLs
  • Advanced: 3 URLs
  • Business: 5 URLs
  • Corporate: 11 URLs

The more you choose a higher-priced plan, the more possibilities you have. 

6) E. Scroll 

The scroll is the number of visitors that will take your web page down to the bottom. This has low SEO value, so if you can’t afford the Corporate pack, don’t worry, everything will be fine anyway. 

Regarding this feature, depending on your website, if you have a lot of pages that can be taken scrolled down, then select “Medium”.

Screen shot that explains how to setup the scroll on upseo

If your website has only a few pages that can be scrolled down, then this function is not necessary. 

7) F. Time on each page

Screen shot that shows how to setup the time on each page

In order to make the behavior as natural as possible, UpSEO’s “completely random” choice allows each visitor to have a different visiting time. This avoids and allows visitors to behave in a totally human way.

My recommendations, based on my tests and experience, are to choose this random function or to choose for at least 5 minutes. 

According to my tests, when you select a fixed value such as 5 minutes, it is an average of 5 minutes. Not all visits are exactly 5 minutes, but rather between 4 and 6 minutes. 

Section 5. G. Type of traffic 

The type of traffic is the device the visitor will use to reach your website. The world average tells us that out of 100 visits, 70 are from computers and 30 are from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, as confirmed by the data from the competitor website, which we have used as an example. 

In this case, I will choose the “random” function.

Screen shot that show up the device distribution

Section 6. H. Smart traffic

Smart traffic allows you to receive more traffic during the day, and less at night depending on the time zone of your market. If your market is international, then don’t select this option as every visitor comes from a different country. 

However, if your traffic and your current market is only in one country, or neighboring countries such as France, Switzerland, and Belgium, then you will be able to activate this feature. 

You can find the list of time zones here:

Section 7. I. Traffic source 

You can select each traffic source individually or choose the random option. Let’s go through each traffic source in detail: 

1) Organic:

You can enter your keywords in the UpSEO software. The visitor types the keyword in Google,  searches for your website, then clicks on it and visits your site according to the URL path you defined previously. 

Organic work is the traffic that goes through the search engine. 

Here’s how to set it up in UpSEO : 

screen shot that shows how to setup organic traffic source on upseo software

Post scriptum: Remember that in the example, the website is ranked on the 3rd page on the keywords: Baby micro – Baby phone – Baby Call

2) Social:

You can determine that visitors go through your social networks to visit your website. Then, once they enter your website from your social network pages, visitors will visit the pages you have chosen in the 2nd and 3rd URLs (+ if you have a Business or Corporate plan).

Here is how to set it up in the UpSEO software: 

screen shot that shows how to setup social traffic source on upseo software

Post scriptum: Remember that in the example, the URLs of the social pages are 

  • Instagram: 
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

3) Referral: 

Traffic referral is the source of traffic that comes from the backlinks your website has. If you have backlinks on a site, then it will be wise to enter the URL of the page on which you have a backlink.

How to set it up in UpSEO : 

screen shot that shows how to setup referral traffic source on upseo software

If you do not have a backlink, then do not select the “referral” option. 

As a reminder, a backlink is a link from your site that is displayed on a website other than yours. For example, you sell baby phones and a blog writes about you in an article, so the article gave you a backlink. 

This increases the authority of your website. It is part of the Off-Site strategy. 

Direct Direct traffic is obtained when the visitor types the link directly into the Google search bar. The visitor doesn’t go through any search since he already knows the address of your website. 

Often, this traffic is obtained by visitors who regularly come to your website, or when the visitor copies and pastes your link directly into the search engine. 

Here is a demonstration of what the user types to generate direct traffic:

screen shot that shows what is direct traffic source

4) J. Traffic bot location

The location of your traffic depends on your market. If you are selling in France, then select the country France. 

If you are selling throughout Europe, then select European traffic with a visitor’s language “English Standard”.

Here’s how to set up your traffic if, like the example we took, your traffic is European, and your site is in English. 

Understand how to setup the location on upseo tool

Chapter 15. Should you use Upseo traffic bot?

Upseo is the so far the best traffic bot generator for different reasons :

Section 1. 1- The quality of the visits

Actually upseo has the best quality of IPs addresses, for each visit you will get one unique residential IP.

So that’s perfect!

Section 2. 2- The number of features 

Upseo has dozens of amazing features, you can set up your traffic as you wish and even better.

Here is a list of the most important features of Upseo :

Google Analytics Safe


Use the best Keywords

Unique IP for each visit

Speed Traffic

Bounce Rate Control

Session Duration Control

Language Control

Navigation Funnels

Traffic Type

Returning Visitors

Analytics Table

Advanced Statistics

Smart Traffic


Bitly Shortener

Navigation Path URLs

Section 3. 3- The price 

Upseo is the cheapest traffic software so far, if you compare to his competitors that deliver bad quality visits and traffic, upseo doesn’t have to feel afraid.

Section 4. 4- The geo-targeting

Upseo allows you to generate traffic from different countries.

This is a list of all the countries that you can make traffic from :

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Italie
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal

1) Part.2

  • Romania
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Togo
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
List of all the country available on upseo

If you want to check the list of all the countries:

Section 5. 5- Customer service

With a 24/7 high-quality customer service, upseo is the master of the relation with the customers, they’re always helpful and ready to set up your project if you don’t understand something.

Section 6. 6- The SEO effects

Buying the website traffic of upseo will definitely have a positive effect on your google ranking. 


Because Google loves commitment, with Upseo solution you will generate traffic that has the same properties as human traffic.

So google will believe that there is obviously commitment on your website or blog.

Results: Google will rank you higher as you can see on those pictures :

Section 7. 7- Increase your Alexa rank with traffic

Once again, the results of using this service will kick your blog or website to the top.

Alexa rank will appreciate the traffic that you create with upseo.

As you can on these pictures, you will rank higher day by day.

Section 8. 8- Upseo, traffic, and eCommerce, a real love story.

If you want to get more leads and sales to your website, all you need to focus on is SEO.

Upseo will help you to rank your website higher on google.


That’s simple: Traffic and commitment!

Set up a upseo project and send traffic to your website.

Send long visits from 15 seconds to 3 min at least.

You need to set upseo traffic bot in organic.

Then choose your most relevant keywords that match the most with your business.

Example: Your selling earphones, so the keywords that you should choose are :

  • best earphone
  • buy earphone
  • earphone white
  • good quality earphones


Section 9. 9- Using Upseo’s traffic on an eBay store

On eBay, there is an algorithm that allows you to rank your products on a specific keyword.

The metrics that matter the most to rank on eBay are :

  • The number of sales
  • The number of reviews
  • The quality of your description
  • The pictures
  • The number and the length of the visits on your product
  • The bounce rate

That is very interesting to generate traffic on your product by using the upseo.

We have done some tests by sending visitors to a product with upseo.

We have set up some long visits with a very low bounce rate.

The result is that after one month we have improved the ranking of this product.

That is interesting to help you rank high on eBay.

Section 10. 10- Drive traffic to Amazon with upseo

It’s basically the same process as for eBay.

Amazon is a huge online marketplace that has tons of products.

Amazon has its own ranking algorithm.

To rank higher on amazon what matters the most?

  • The number of feedbacks
  • The stars
  • The number of sales
  • If you are a “prime seller”
  • The quality of your description
  • The number of visits and the length of the visits
  • The bounce rate
  • The rate of returning visitors

How to rank higher on amazon with upseo software?

1- With Upseo you have to send a lot of traffic on your amazon products

2- The visits must be very long (5-10min)

3- The bounce rate must be low

4- The returning visitors rate must be very high (25%)

Then you step by step see some improvement in your ranking.

Section 11. 11) Upseo and freelancers website 

What is a freelancer website?

It’s basically a third-party website where you can buy digital services to some freelancers.

For example, you can pay someone to make you a logo, write an article, web design, code, etc…

These websites are freelancer websites :

Once again the competition is hard out there…

There are always many freelancers, and the one that sells his services the most is the one ranked higher!

To rank high on Fiverr, for example, you need to have :

  • Make the biggest number of sales
  •   The biggest amount of reviews
  •   Offer interesting products 
  •  Always your profile online
  •   The biggest number of visits on your gig
  •    A low bounce rate
  • A big amount of returning visitors

For the three last points (number of visits, low bounce rate, and returning visitors) Upseo’s traffic bot can definitely help you.

Guide to buy website traffic :

Chapter 16. Conclusion: What to remember about traffic bot?

Trying to make and develop a traffic bot software is possible but very difficult and will cost you a lot.

To use the best traffic generator use this service :

logo upseo, solution of the article

I hope this ultimate guide was helpful for you and that you now know what is a traffic bot!

Thank you and Happy New Year 2020.

Talk soon.

John Mc