SearchSEO - Traffic generator

Chapter 1. lies you! ❌❌❌

Section 1. Sparktraffic uses free proxies is lying to you by selling you some fake website traffic. All the visits are always using the IP. All the IPs are free proxies scraped online and then sell this shitty traffic to you! ❌❌❌

Sparktraffic is always using the same IP, please check your Google analytics and you will see it. The ISP is always some free IP of datacenters that you can find on some forum.

SearchSEO - Traffic generator

Section 2. It does not work for Shopify websites

You are having a dropshipping or a regular e-commerce website?

Forget about using Spark it doesn’t work! You will not be able to see any traffic on your website analytics.

Section 3. It does not work for e-commerce platforms

Having a listing on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or Aliexpress?

Sparktraffic will not work and you might get penalized.

Chapter 2. Sparktraffic has a negative SEO effect! ❌❌❌

Indeed, using Sparktraffic and its free proxies will have a very bad effect on your website’s SEO.

Using tones of traffic will also slow down your website and destroy the user experience! So you better forget about having customers if you use Sparktraffic…

Chapter 3. Sparktraffic fakes the organic traffic source!

It pretends to sell organic traffic. (Organic traffic is the traffic that comes from a search engine like Google. Read more about organic traffic)

But why do I see its traffic only in Google analytics and not in the Google Search Console ???

Because Sparktraffic is not doing real organic traffic. It is totally faking the organic traffic through the URL.

SearchSEO - Traffic generator

Chapter 4. Not effect with the CTR

Do not expect to manipulate the CTR with there service of traffic bot… Their traffic is not organic.

Chapter 5. Conclusion

Stay away from unless you want to get penalized by Google and waste your money.

You should try instead, it is real human website traffic. A little more expensive but you pay for the quality and to improve your SEO. SearchSEO is safe and guarantees rankings:

SearchSEO - Traffic generator better than sparktraffic