Is it Possible to Buy Website Traffic,  yes the  ” ORGANIC” one?   

Well, there are few ways of generating income through your website. Such as, 

  • Through blogs having ad-networks integrated with it 
  • Affiliated sites ( income through each sale)
  • Company website drawing potential customers to your website to generate sales 
  • Sourcing traffic to other websites/links through your site,  acting as a lead generating medium. 
  • Product/movie review sites that promote other businesses and earns money 
  • Sell your own products like fancy clothes, apparels, e-books, books, online/video courses, or selling any other stuff 
  • Through CPA marketing, and performing various tasks/actions for the client 

We can understand that the opportunities are many and versatile, can make you earn huge cash. But the matter is the ” traffic “. It is the biggest challenge for a blogger or a digital marketer or an SEO analyst, to draw genuine traffic to your website/blog. If you can do that correctly, you hold some real good status in the field of SEO. 

Chapter 1. What Kind of Traffic we are Looking at?  

The traffic should be 

  • Genuine 
  • Organic 
  • Relevant 
  • Should come through an Organic Keyword Search or through a website having a high DA(Domain Authority), and PA(Page Authority) 

Chapter 2. How to Obtain Traffic of Such Qualities?  

There are few methods to draw such quality traffic to your website/blog.  

Section 1. Proper Keyword Research

While writing content for your website/blog, you need to find those special, organic, high CPC keywords that can draw genuine traffic to your website. 

Your website’s DA and PA will increase with the increment of backlinks to your site. According to experts, the links act as a voting system, the more votes come in your favor, your chances of winning will increase. Make sure the links should of do-follow types, as the no-follow links are not considered to be the best links. Why it is so, can be the topic of some other day. Now, let us concentrate on getting relevant traffic to your website/blog. 


Section 3. Social Media Appearance 

You need to create social media profiles/accounts for your business that includes a business page for your organization. Also, you should join various groups that share similar interests. You should share your recent blogs in these groups. It’s a proven way that gives very good results in generating relevant traffic to your site/blog. You can buy website traffic through these social media sites, but that won’t be organic. 

Chapter 3. Why We Need Organic Traffic? 

First of all,  we must understand,  what do you mean by organic traffic. Organic traffic is the traffic that visits your website due to their own purpose, they are already interested in your business website/blog. They are searching for that particular thing and as a result, they are redirected to your website after a couple of searches. 

Chapter 4. Potential Customers as Visitors

This organic traffic is your potential customers, that can buy your product or services eventually, if they like your blog/website, as they are already interested in similar products. So, the chances of selling your products/services get increased to a number of times. 

Chapter 5. Website Ranking 

Google and other search engines rank your website/blog on top of the search results if you have a good amount of organic traffic to your website. 

Chapter 6. The Final Words- How to Buy Organic Traffic

It’s really the toughest job to get traffic, the organic traffic to your website. It involves a lot of time, effort, knowledge, dedication in getting it correctly. Also, you need to spend a good amount of cash to make your website look great to make the visitors keep visiting and spend more time on it. Also, you need to pay the content creators to develop good content for your website that attracts visitors. It’s not at all an easy affair. 

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Chapter 7. Buy Traffic through UPSEO

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